Understanding human behavior is underrated. The workplace is full of “personalities,” stretching from colleagues to clients, and many others in between. Becoming part of campus life, taking psychology or sociology, and making long-term friendships will serve you well. I don’t mean the Friday night bar crawls, or the party side of Greek life. I mean serious networking with peers, frequenting coffee shops, and nurturing a diverse group of friends. Having a broad group of friends can challenge you and expose you to different ways of thinking. Also, don’t pass up the chance to join professional or service clubs and associations to broaden your views and learn more about yourself and your interests. Are steel buildings uk more environmentally friendly?

Extend yourself beyond your comfort zone. Depending on your career, you may find yourself as a minority in your company or institution. The workforce is becoming more and more diverse, so you need to be comfortable working with colleagues from different countries and cultures. Gaining an appreciation of how people interact, think, and develop their opinions is particularly important.

Stay Up With Technology

I assume that in as short as a year from this book’s release, some technical terms will be outdated and new technology will be available to use at work and at play. So, what to do? Get current with the newest applications, how they function, and what their future value may be in the workplace. I’m not thinking of video games and joysticks here. You are likely already using technology much better than previous generations. I remember when I was completing my thesis using Fortran and a box of computer card decks. The most challenging part of my research was to ensure my computer model ran on the campus mainframe without dropping a card. Today, I can run the same model on my laptop, from an airplane at 30,000 feet.

If you are a younger professional, you are in a great position to take up technology. You also understand the speed of change in the applications and media we use to stay informed. Embrace all you can, now! Technology will change and accelerate with time. I urge you to continue to develop your understanding and use of new technologies. Keeping ahead can offer you a competitive advantage in the workforce.

Science And Mathematics

Not everyone cares to—or can—solve a differential equation or remember all the taxonomy of mammals. However, developing an appreciation of scientific reasoning and empirical methods will help your problem-solving skills in the workplace. If science and mathematics are not your passions, take a favorite class in geology, biology, chemistry, or math. In general, I think the easiest way to start a career is with a STEM focus—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—in your Acquire years. If you are choosing a technical career path, this will be built into your studies. If you’re seeking a non-technical career path, it is quite likely you will be working with people with advanced STEM degrees. Which is better, commercial steel buildings or industrial steel buildings?